The idea of BeatBaggage is simple. It’s all about having a soundsystem with you wherever you are.  Just plug in your mp3 player, iPod, laptop, guitar, or anything else with an earphone output and start. All BeatBaggages have a rechargable battery that lasts at least 20 hours. We optimize the sound of every BeatBaggage individually to guarantee a proper sound quality. Of course there is also some space left in the suitcases so that you can put some other stuff in wich you need for your trips.



Every single Beatbaggages is unique. We try to offer as much different styles and sizes as possible to give everybody the chance to find his own perfect fitting BeatBaggage. Also custom orders with your own ideas or even your own suitcases are welcome. If you are interested in a project custom made for your preferrings contact us. Our BeatBaggage Market offers different possebilities to extend your BeatBaggage with certain extras like USB loading port, battery indicator, Bluetooth receiver and lots of stuff we want to introduce in the future. We already solved a lot of tricky problems so that we can find a soulution for every crazy idea that comes in your mind.

The whole idea of putting speakers in suitcases is not completely new. there are already people all over the world that work on comparable projects. Portable radios are generally constructed since the 50s. These days for example TheBoomCase is a store in California that work succesfully since years. We dont want to copy, we just want to create a fantastic product that inspires people of all kinds and develop an unique urban lifestyle.

The reanimation of vintage suitcases with accoustic components is our way to put music in the streets, parks and beaches all over europe. To spread the idea in different regions the BeatBaggage Market changes its location sometimes. Our current location is London/UK. In May we plan to travel over the sea to Dunkerque/Fr. But of course we ship our BeatBaggages internationally. So we hope to find people that are as amazed of the project as we are and who want to take part. Feel free to ask everything you want or tell us about your own ideas.

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